YANA Webinar: Governance Best Practices


Session 7: 

“One of the best presentations on the topic I have ever heard!”  — Webinar Attendee

Governance Best Practices:  Bylaws, Trustee Agreements, And Other Essential Documents

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 | 1:00-2:00pm ET

Sara Goldsmith Schwartz, Yale College ’87, and Founder and President of Schwartz Hannum PC, a certified woman-owned law firm based in Andover, MA, walked the webinar attendees through a case study and series of slides to highlight what nonprofits can do in their governing documents and policies to limit risk.

Sara emphasized that each nonprofit Board member must ensure that the nonprofit, including the organization’s governing documents, agreements, and policies, all comply with applicable laws and are in sync with each other.  Highlights included:

  • Hot Topics and Key Provisions For Nonprofit Bylaws
  • Trustee Agreements And Codes Of Conduct
  • Good Governance Policies From IRS Form 990
  • Other Essential Documents And Issues To Be Aware Of For Risk Prevention

Sara also maintained a lively Q&A with audience members throughout the presentation, fielding questions on many topics including nomenclature of Trustees vs. Directors, executive compensation analysis, and how best to manage modern day voting mechanisms.

YANA Members can request copies of the presentation slides by emailing Sara at SSchwartz@shpclaw.com.

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