The Encore Fellowships Network & YANA: Connecting Talented Professionals For The Greater Good

Cocktails & Conversation with YANA & Encore

Held October 24, 2017 | 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Atlantic Philanthropies in NYC

This event was geared toward experienced individuals who might be looking for a new way to use their skills and expertise in social impact work, as well as to non-profit organizations possibly interested in hosting fellows in high-impact, limited duration, capacity-building roles.

“At the end of the evening there was a consensus that this was an important alliance. The YANA program brings a host of talented, brilliant new people into the encore circle and I hope to see new programs developed, funds raised and consciousness expanded on both sides. I think I see many more YANA/Encore partnerships going forward.” – Wickham Boyle


The Encore Fellowships Network is a national program that provides pathways to engage experienced professionals as vital sources of talent for work that benefits society. Meet Encore Fellows and Hosts, and learn about their experiences.


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