Here are a few ways you can volunteer virtually

Literacy & Math Tutoring w/ Marlene Meyerson JCC of Manhattan

Many elementary school students suffer a backslide in academic skills during the summer. This year, in addition to the usual “summer slide,” students will suffer from “COVID-19 slide” and may face school in the fall with significant learning losses. The JCC is collaborating with charter and public schools to provide literacy and math support for students in Grades K–5.

  • Volunteers will be matched one-on-one with students to meet on Google Meet for one or more 40-minute sessions from 9 am–12:40 pm each day, Mon–Thu, either Jul 6–Aug 6 or Jul 6–Aug 20.
  • JCC instructors will provide daily mini-lessons and related activities for the volunteers to use during tutoring sessions.
  • Volunteers must be age 14+. High school & college students welcome to volunteer.
  • Sign up to be a TUTOR

Adult volunteer monitors are needed for remote tutoring sessions:

  • The tutors are high school and college student volunteers. Seeking adults to monitor these tutors. While the tutors/tutees are online together, JCC instructional staff will be “monitoring” the sessions. This means they will have the meeting link and “pop in” randomly to observe for a few minutes, ensure the lesson is going productively, and alert the program director if the tutor has a question or if the monitor has a concern about the tutoring session.
  • Same tutoring session time requirements & logistics as above sessions. Orientation sesion July 2 @9:00am.
  • Sign up to be a VOLUNTEER MONITOR. Specify your preferred days/times (Mon-Th, 9 – 9:40, 10 – 10:40, 11 – 11:40, and/or 12 – 12:40), either July 6 – Aug. 6 or July 6 – Aug. 20)
  • Contact Tiaisha Tirado // 646.505.5748


Dream Scholarship: Online Conversations

Would you like to volunteer to help eager students in Panama practice their English? The Dream Scholarship will link you with alumni and promising Dream Scholars for 40-minute English conversation online sessions. Watch a video

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme contributes to peace and development through volunteerism worldwide. Online volunteering allows organizations and volunteers to team up to address sustainable development challenges – anywhere in the world, from any device. Online volunteering is fast, easy – and most of all, effective. When skilled, passionate individuals join forces online with great organizations working toward sustainable development goals, everyone wins. 

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

Learn how to transcribe! Become a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer and help us make historical documents and biodiversity data more accessible.

Translators without Borders

Translators without Borders depends on volunteers to translate millions of words, but also to help us run the organization. We work with volunteers who have all kinds of great skills – and many learn new skills that they can use in their jobs.


Eyeball It! – Art 4 Kids

Eyeball It!® offers a real studio art education to children ages 7-13. Hands-on studio art cultivates children’s creative thinking, problem-solving, confidence in making real art on their own, and belief in the value of their own visual expression.

  • Great content for kids (projects and drawing exercises) and for everyone to enjoy – including parents, teachers, youth service providers, librarians, all the grown-ups.
  • Kids need art now more than ever.  Eyeball It!® is individualized, scalable, available online, DIY for adults, and completely FREE.

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