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Yale Day of Service 2020

You may now submit your virtual project online to have it listed on the Yale Day of Service website.


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3/29/20 Note from Paul Broholm ’78 & Betsy Sullivan ’74, ’76 MA

Building Community Together

Dear Members of the Yale Day of Service Community,

As the confirmed cases of Coronavirus/COVID-19 explode and much of the world has gone into some form of lockdown, two things have become clear:

1. Our traditional focus on a day of service on or around May 9 is no longer realistic.

2. There is a greater need for service in its many manifestations than ever before.

We are not canceling Yale Day of Service, but we recognize that most of us will not be able to join together for some time. Many events can be postponed, others may require cancellation. Regardless, we are calling on the full Yale community to take the opportunity to serve in whatever capacity you can, at any point and in any way that you feel safe doing so.

Help us make 2020 the Year of Service. If you choose to postpone your service projects, let us know. If you’re able to reschedule, we’ll happily promote your activities as we would during the traditional Day of Service “window.” Your efforts are valuable and important no matter when they happen. If you cannot reschedule your in-person service project, consider participating in or creating a virtual volunteering opportunity. Use technology in fun and productive ways, or revert to the “old school” pen and paper, and know that Yale Day of Service will maintain its commitment to making the world a better place.

Share your efforts with us and your fellow Yalies by tagging us on social media: #YaleDayOfService and #YaleAlumnThe Yale community is already taking part in remarkable efforts. Know that you can make a difference too! Please reach out to us or YAA staff with additional questions, comments, or concerns. The YAA is planning a digital gathering on May 9 for the global service community. Stay tuned for more details.


Paul Broholm ’78
Betsy Sullivan ’74, ’76 MA

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