Summer internships can be crucial in launching an undergraduate on the social impact career path. Often, summer internships in these fields are unpaid, limited to expensive or remote locations, or lack the mentorship infrastructure needed to make a student’s passion a viable career track. Many Yale students are unable to participate in such unfunded, public sector or social impact summer internships due to lack of funding and other financial burdens, like the requirement to contribute to their financial aid package during the summer. Even with existing support offered through the University, Yale Clubs, alumni, and others, funding constraints continue. Nearly 140 Yale undergraduate students over the past two years have turned down internships for lack of adequate funding.

To reduce some of these barriers, YANA has partnered with Dwight Hall to create the YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship. The Fellowship Program helps financially constrained Yale students interested in common good careers by easing some of their financial burdens, introducing them to the YANA alumni network, and providing mentoring, training and other assistance. All successful applicants must be receiving financial aid from the University and have a demonstrated commitment to the social impact sector.

YANA launched its commitment in 2017 by funding two summer interns. We want to expand the program for 2018.

How You Can Help

Beyond continuing to financially support YANA, there are several ways you can join in the Fellowship program:

  • Sponsor an intern through a contribution targeted to the Fellowship program.
  • Identify local nonprofits potentially interested in hosting a summer intern.
  • Assist interns hosted by a local nonprofit with logistics including housing.
  • Arrange for a local summer mentor.
  • Contribute to YANA’s fundraising efforts by identifying other alumni with the potential to financially support the program.
  • Host an event during the summer featuring the local intern(s) and related speakers.  Such an event could be part of fundraising efforts.

To get involved in the YANA-Dwight Hall Fellowship Program contact


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