The mission of Yale Community Connect is to build ongoing relationships based on volunteering between Yale alumni (and friends) and community-based organizations (including public schools). Our philosophy is that to volunteer on an ongoing basis is a privilege, because volunteers are guaranteed to grow in amazing ways and to feel good about helping communities grow as well.

The name of our entity, Yale Community Connect, intentionally avoids the word “service” — which focuses on the good deeds of the volunteer. Instead, Yale Community Connect emphasizes the relationship of mutual benefit and enjoyment that both volunteer and host institution experience in an ongoing relationship of connection, engagement, and resource-sharing.


The vision of Yale Community Connect is a world in which:

  • Communities are strengthened by increased meaningful, ongoing volunteer engagements between Yale alumni and community-based organizations;
  • Yale is strengthened by producing alumni who have internalized the self-expectation to connect, engage, and share resources with vulnerable communities; and
  • The notion of “service,” which focus on volunteers’ good deeds, is expanded to an appreciation for the “equity of exchange” or mutual benefit that occurs in meaningful, ongoing relationships between volunteers and organizations.

Our goals for Yale Community Connect volunteers are to:


  • Strengthen the 10-year tradition of Yale Day of Service (YDoS) by helping to deliver on its expanded mission;
  • Be useful to organizations that support and strengthen communities;
  • Establish and sustain ongoing relationships based on volunteering with organizations;
  • Socialize with other like-minded volunteers (Yale alumni, friends, organization partners, and others)

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Current Opportunities: 

Opportunity for Yale Alumni & Friends who are available to volunteer during the school day:

Behind the Book (www.behindthebook.org) increases literacy in NYC public schools by delivering author-led workshops in classrooms.  Volunteers are needed to assist students in publishing their own books during the workshop.  Below are three volunteer opportunities coming up.  Please note the RSVP deadlines. You will receive further information regarding location and contact point person upon RSVP’ing to ycconnect@yana.community.

Bronx Academy of Letters
6th grade students, Writing Coaches

Wednesday, March 7

  • Class 1: 8:50AM — 9:40AM (10-12 volunteers needed)
  • Class 2: 10:30AM — 11:20AM (10-12 volunteers needed)

Please RSVP by no later than February 23 to ycconnect@yana.community


International High School (recent immigrants)

the Bronx

12th grade students, Writing Coaches


Wednesday, March 28

  • Class 1: 9:00AM – 10:00AM
  • Class 2: 10:00AM – 11:00AM
  • Class 3: 2:50PM – 3:50PM

(10 volunteers needed for each class)Please RSVP by no later than March 7 to ycconnect@yana.community


PS 125–Harlem
2nd graders, Writing Coaches

Wednesday, March 28

9:00AM -10:30AM

Please RSVP by no later than March 7 to ycconnect@yana.community