Hope to see you there!

Please join us next Wednesday, July 25, at 6:30pm at the Yale Club for our monthly meeting. Last month we were joined by several Yale students engaged in mission-driven summer internships in NYC – and we expect more to join us this month. If you’re looking for a gateway to the ever-expanding Yale social impact community, this is the place to be!



July 25, 2018

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Chapter Reports

New York Events:

Interactive Session: Reflections, Connections, and Collaborations

SpotlightGriffin Pinkow, founder of the Foreseeable Future Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on improving the lives of the visually impaired through the power of the arts, athletics, and music. Griffin has completed four marathons, competes at the national level in cycling, and recently learned to snowboard – all while being blind. Join us next month to hear his remarkable story.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 29th – Spotlight will feature Denise Byrd ’88, the Creative Director of CarrotNewYork, a for-profit media and communications firm that helps corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies reach millions through creative, imaginative media initiatives. Their core competency areas of focus include financial literacy, health & nutrition, and sustainability.